Powerful Processing
What makes the MS-8 unlike the typical car audio product is that rather than replacing a component like a speaker or a head unit, it is designed to be added to your existing system to get great sound from what you already have. So, how does the JBL MS-8 really make an existing system sound better?

MS-8 Digital Signal Processor
tl_files/content_resources/jbl-ms8/ms-8.jpgAt the heart of the system is the MS-8 digital signal processor.  At JBL, we know audio and we know cars. Our engineers put all this expertise into designing a custom DSP chip that automatically equalizes any car audio system for the best possible sound. Using detailed input from the included binaural headset microphone, it measures and improves every measure of audio performance (including frequency response, bass performance, dynamics, clarity, detail and stereo imaging) from any combination of OEM and aftermarket components. It does this by making millions of calculations every second using thousands of instructions.

tl_files/content_resources/jbl-ms8/signal.jpgiSince every vehicle interior is different and can have a great affect on the sound quality of a particular sound system, the MS-8’s DSP also improves tonal accuracy by equalizing the system. By looking at the measurements taken from the binaural headset microphone, it compensates and equalizes for the vehicles interior characteristics as well as for the sonic signature of the speakers and electronics being used.

And if that weren’t enough for a great sounding system already, the MS-8’s DSP takes the measurement input and applies and advanced time correction algorithm. By applying this time correction, the MS-8 ensures that sound from all speakers will hit your ears simultaneously. This greatly improves the system’s imaging, clarity and realism. In fact, MS-8 is powerful enough to even be able to do this from up to four different individual seating positions.

Getting the sound right is only part of what makes the MS-8 DSP so powerful. Even with the sound full equalized, it doesn’t make for such a great experience if all your music sounds like it is coming from the bottom of your doors. That’s where JBL’s proprietary Logic 7® surround processing comes in.

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Logic 7® Surround Processing
tl_files/content_resources/jbl-ms8/logic7.gifToday we live in a multi-channel world. Much of our stereo, 2-channel listening is a thing of the past. JBL has led the way for a number of years in creating realistic and engaging sound experiences from any material using a proprietary surround processing algorithm called Logic 7®. Once having corrected for the audio performance of the sound system, the MS-8 processor employs Logic 7® to create a realistic and enveloping 5.1 or 7.1 sound never before experienced in a vehicle. It’s like having a home theater system on wheels. Logic 7® spreads the sound across your dashboard adding a sense of space to the inside of your car. And remember your music crammed in the bottom of your doors? With Logic 7® that’s a thing of the past. Vocals and instruments will now be realistically placed across the interior of your vehicle much like you have the best seats in the house at your favorite concert.  And best of all, Logic 7® is automatic right out of the box.

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Complete Customization
The JBL MS-8 is so powerful that right out of the box, it will make your car audio system sound great without the need to do any tweaking. However, if you do want to try your hand at being an audio technician, the MS-8 will let you fine-tune the sound all you want. With a 31-band graphic equalizer at your fingertips, you can override the automatic equalization to suit your personal taste. You can control system volume, subwoofer volume and tone controls. You can even store up to five custom settings for easy one-button recall so that anyone driving can have their own personal settings.

And if you happen to not like the sound of any tweaking you may have done, the MS-8 makes fixing things a snap. With a push of the remote button, the MS-8 processor will revert back to its original settings after calibration so great sound is never far away.

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Easy System Expansion
tl_files/content_resources/jbl-ms8/expansion.jpgWhat makes the JBL MS-8 so revolutionary is that it is designed to make any car audio system sound great including a factory sound system. With a high-quality 20 watt X 8 amplifier onboard with both pre-amp and speaker-level inputs and outputs, it can easily improve the power of a factory or aftermarket head unit. But it doesn’t stop there. When you are ready, the MS-8 can serve as the foundation of a truly special car audio system when you add subwoofers, a center speaker, amplifiers or even video components directly to the MS-8 down the road. It’s as close to “Plug-and-Play” as you will find, saving hours on additional installation and set-up time down the road. 

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