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Installation Made Simple
When it comes to the installation, the key word is simple. Before the JBL MS-8, you needed a pile of components to turn your car audio system into something worth listening to. It was complicated, expensive and required half your car to end up on the installer’s floor during installation. With the MS-8, there are a grand total of just three components to be installed. The digital processor, the display and the remote control. 

Once you have the MS-8 wired and powered up, calibrating the MS-8 is a piece of cake. Simple menu-drive calibration is accessed from the five-line LCD screen allow for easy, step-by-step setup and can be completed in about 10 minutes. While the system plays a pre-recorded track from the included test CD, the bi-aural microphone headset is taking digital notes on your vehicle’s unique acoustic signature. The headset picks up the tiniest variations is sound absorption and reflection and feeds that information into the MS-8’s DSP. You can continue to calibrate up to three more additional seating locations and when it is done, you still have a 31-band graphic equalizer and a full set of tone controls to fine tune day to day operations via the wireless remote and LCD display.

Install Process Calibrate